Moisturising Cellular Antiaging Night Repair - 50g Cream

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Maximise the power of your skin's natural night-time renewal cycle, and discover a smoother, more radiant look. Moisturising cellular night repair reduces the look of key signs of aging using carefully selected botanicals to rejuvenate the skin. Added premium quality colloidal silver provides enhanced protection, and assists recovery for problem skin.

Designed to deliver holistic cellular repair with energy-free night healing enzymes, this cream works to prevent skin atrophy and thinning, while improving firmness and reducing wrinkle depth.

Botanicals with proven benefits

  • Mattifying finish
  • Skin lifting & wrinkle filling
  • Increases cellular metabolism
  • Quenches free radicals
  • Quenches free radicals
  • Potent smoothing effect
  • Protects collagen & elastin
  • Hyaluronic acid boost
  • Clears skin conditions
Key Ingredients:

Helianthus Annuss and Rosmarinus Officinalis: Proven antioxidant efficacy on skin – in vitro studies. Elimination of reactive oxygen species. Powerful smoothing effect, protection of collagen and elastin fibres and hyaluronic boost.

Glycogen: Holds water for longer period of time and boosts hydration performance. Increases cellular metabolism and promotes collagen and hyaluronic acid production.

Maltose and Agave Tequilana Leaf Extract: Reduces the shiny aspect of oily skin. The effect is immediate and long lasting. Has an appreciable skin lifting effect and filling performance on wrinkles.

Chlorella Vulgaris Extract and Haematococcus Pluvialis Extract and Lecithin: Designed to deliver holistic cellular repair with its energy-free, night healing enzymes. Reduces DNA damage by 24% and helps prevent skin atrophy and skin thinning. (Night Cream Only)

Colloidal Silver: Naturally antibacterial, helps to protect and clear scarring, lesions and bacterial or fungal skin conditions.

Sweet Almond: The emollient property of sweet almond oil has also been found to help address the visible signs of photoaging and are effective in providing moisture and locking it in, hence, fewer wrinkles.

Jojoba: Is rich in antioxidants, which combat free radicals. Jojoba oil acts to protect the skin from the aging process, while minimizing the loss of skin elasticity.

Argan: Commonly used as a skin moisturiser to hydrate and soften skin. With its high vitamin E and fatty acid content, argan oil gives the skin a natural boost.

Sandalwood: Especially good for soothing dry skin and helping to balance oily skin. As a cleanser it helps to minimise the appearance of pores whilst is also softens the skin so it stays hydrated longer.

Frankincense: A powerful antioxidant that can prevent premature aging and improve the appearance of pores and wrinkles. It also has properties that make it ideal for healing and promoting skin cell growth.

Rose Absolute: Known traditionally for calming and uplifting, it has anti-inflammatory, cooling and soothing properties. It can also work well for preventing scarring and treating broken capillaries.

Neroli: Has a rejuvenating and regenerative effect on the skin. It is beneficial for all skin types particularly mature, dry and sensitive skin. Can also be helpful for acne, broken capillaries, scarring and stretch marks.

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Moisturising Cellular Antiaging Night Repair - 50g Cream
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