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Calcarea fluorica is found in the surface of the bones and in the enamel of the tooth. It is also a constituent of the elastic fibres and of the epidermis. Elastic fibres are found in the skin, in the connective and muscular tissues, and in the vascular walls. It is recommended in cases of rough and deficient tooth enamel, bone diseases, cavities, exostosis, lack of elasticity of tendons and ligaments and in frequent dislocations of joints along with sprains. S1 will put elasticity back in the vascular walls in cases of venous stasis, haemorrhoids and varicose veins. Use it also in uterine and vaginal prolapsus (add salt to bath water), cracking of the skin, callosity, fibrous tumours and coughs provoked by tickling in the throat.

ROLE: Structural, catalytic.

MEMORY KEY: Tissue strengthener.


Conditions arising from a loss of integrity and strength of connective tissue. Weaknesses of bone, enamel, ligaments, tendons. All prolapsed tissue, nodes and nodules.


1 - Lack of elasticity of connective tissue.

  • in vascular tissue -varicose veins, haemorrhage.
  • in muscular wall -hernia, diverticulitis, fistula, hiatus hernia.
  • relaxation of suspension ligaments, leading to ptosis.
  • in articulations -Intervertebral disc, prolapse and herniation; bursitis, synovitis.
  • in epithelial tissue -fissures, cracks in skin, keratosis.

2 - Connective tissue change involving chondrocytic, osteoblastic or osteoclastic activity -osteoporosis, rickets, rheumatoid arthritis, osteomalacia.

3 - Glandular disorders -indurated lymphatic glands, F.B.D., cystic or calcified nodules in connective tissue.

4 - Exudate: hard, lumpy, indurated, greenish.

MODALITIES: < by rest, damp weather > heat.

TONGUE: Cracked, mapped, fissured.

IRIS: Check stomach zone and skin zone for evidence of prolapse.

PUPIL: May be distended.

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Calcarea Fluorica - Dr Schuessler Tissue Salts
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