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Calcarea phosphoric is necessary for the proper growth and nuttition of the body. It is found in the blood plasma, bones, connective tissues and teeth. It supplles new blood cells and is therefore an excellent remedy for anaemia. Due to its nutritive properties, It helps build up sturdy, robust constitution. It gives solidity to the bones and makes it a good remedy for fracture healing and delayed teething. Calcarea phosphorica promotes healthy cellular activity and restores tone to weakened organs and tissues. Use it for tickets, renal calculi, hydrocele, eczema, skin problers, otitis with thick creamy and yellowish discharge, and for headaches in school children.

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ROLE: Structural, electrochemical, catalytic.

MEMORY KEY: Cell builder.


Conditions arising from poor cell development and replacement particularly muscle, bone and blood. Children with irritability, cramps, poor appetite, frequent colds. Anemia -hypochromic, microcytic; chilbains.


1 - Periods of growth -pregnancy and lactation.

2. Unnatural growth and disturbances in osseous growth, development; disorders of bones and teeth.

3. Glandular dysfunction; poor glandular secretion; poor digestion, digestive flatulence (ant-acid action), poor assimilation; malnutrition.

4. Nervous irritability, insomnia, hyperactivity.

5. Neuromuscular disorders, cramps, twitches, convulsions, tetany.

6. Chronic infection of mucous membranes (respiratory tract, stomach, intestines, etc.)

7. Exudate. milky, white or whitish-yellow, tenacious; may be albuminous.


< by cold, wet weather, changeable weather; dampness, draughts; dentition, mental exertion. > Summer, warm dry weather; rest.

TONGUE: No definitive signs.

IRIS: Poor iris structure, superficial nerve arcs.

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Calcarea Phosphorica - Dr Schuessler Tissue Salts
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