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Calcarea sulphurica acts as a blood purifier and is present in the bile coming from the liver. It helps in the removal of waste products from the bloodstream and it has a cleansing and purifying influence throughout the system. It helps in cleaning up the accumulation of non-functional organic material. It is mostly used in cases of bleeding abscess, irritating, yellowish discharge, burning feet with intense Itchiness, bronchial of nasal catarrh with thick and yellow mucus, prolonged suppuration and discharges. May also be used in cases of prolonged menses, cystitis, candida, purulent urethritis, burns, cored ulceration and skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. An Important keynote to remember about Calcarea sulphurica is that all symptoms are worse after getting wet and are better by warm and dry conditions.

ROLE: Structural, electrochemical, catalytic.

MEMORY KEY: Suppuration remover.


Purulent discharges; suppuration; exudative abscesses. Thick, lumpy, yellow-green, often blood streaked mucus. Abscesses; boils, ulcers, fistulas; suppurating wounds


1 - Poor wound healing.

2 - Tendency to suppuration and exudation, ulceration, abscesses, boils with pus and bloody discharge.

3 - Catarrhal exudation -especially when yellow -Inflammation of mucous membranes.

4 - Glandular swellings if gland is suppurating, administer silica first.

5 - Skin scaling and desquamation, dandruff with alopecia; ache; eczema, psoriasis; superficial burns.

6 - Exudate: thick, lumpy, yellow, purulent mucus, blood streaked.


< overheating, warmth; wet, damp weather, physical exertion.

> cool, open air; dry weather.

TONGUE: Clay -coloured coating, flabby.

IRIS: Scurf rim, vascular and lymphatic congestion.

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Calcarea Sulphurica - Dr Schuessler Tissue Salts
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