Dr Schuessler BC-21 Combination Tissue Salts

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Teething is the physiological process of the eruption of the teeth through the gums. Discomfort and inflammation result from the pressure exerted against the periodontal tissue as the crown of the tooth breaks through the membranes. General signs of teething include excessive drooling, biting on hard objects, irritability, difficulty in sleeping, and refusal of food. The two biochemic salts in BC-21 are meant to aid in tardy dentition and many of the common problems experienced during teething.

Calcarea phosphorica 3X

This tissue salt is one of the essential constituents for the formation of teeth. Its' deficiency can cause dentition to be delayed or otherwise disturbed. It is of great use during dentition for symptoms of convulsions and spasms occurring in weak patients, to stimulate nutrition.

  • Delayed dentition.
  • Teeth that decay rapidly.
  • Useful especially for flabby, emaciated children with open posterior fontanels.
  • Child is slow to learn to walk.
  • Sputtering, pus-like diarrhoea and vomiting.

Ferrum phosphoricum 3X

  • Teething troubles that include symptoms such as feverishness; flushed face; sparkling eyes; dilated pupils; extreme restlessness and irritability.
  • Febrile conditions are acute.
  • Inflammation with soreness.

Complementary products to be considered: R1, R34, R35.

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Dr Schuessler BC-21 Combination Tissue Salts
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