Dr Schuessler BC-5 Combination Tissue Salts

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Coryza or catarrh is an inflammation of the mucous membranes with excessive secretions particularly of the air passages of the nose and the trachea. A loss of smell and taste may accompany this situation along with soreness of the throat with bronchial irritation, dull headache, sneezing, and watery discharge.

Ferrum Phosphoricum 3X

This tissue salt should be used in the first stage tor any fever or congestive symptoms.

  • Circulatory disturbances may be apparent.
  • White, frothy expectoration.
  • Small bleeding ulcers in nose.

Kali Muriaticum 3X

This tissue salt specifically effects the mucous membranes giving rise to catarth and similar symptoms.

  • Thick, white phlegm.
  • Dry coryza.
  • Congested head cold with whitish-grey tongue.
  • Acute inflammation of the nasopharynx with burning dryness.
  • Expelling of mucous from the posterior nares.
  • Chronic rhinitis and catarrh with closure of the Eustachian tubes; thick and tenacious secretions.
  • Difficulty breathing.

Kali Sulphuricum 3X

Tissues are dependent upon Kali sulphuricum for proper internal breathing thus it exerts a beneficial effect on respiration and is indicated in congestive cases.

  • Secretions are mostly yellow, slimy, and sticky.
  • Watery expectorations which are worse in the evening and in heated rooms.
  • Catarrh of the stomach.

Natrum muriaticum 3X

As the water-distributor of cells this salt is crucial for a balanced moisture level.

  • Discharges are watery, transparent, and frothy; symptoms are worse with cold ari. exertion.
  • Epistaxis from stooping and coughing.
  • Mucous has a salty taste.
  • Nose is dry with loss of taste and smell.
  • Fever blisters; influenza.
  • Frontal sinus inflammation.

Complementary products to be considered: R1, R6, R8, R9, R45, R45, R96, R183.

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Dr Schuessler BC-5 Combination Tissue Salts
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