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Although colds are regarded as trivial everyday ailments. they should not be neglected as they could lead to more serious illness. Coughing is a symptom that occurs during the course of most diseases of the respiratory organs.

Ferrum Phosphoricum 3X

  • Very useful at the onset of a cold.
  • Hard, dry cough with soreness and fever.
  • Stuffiness and sneezing.
  • Acute, painful, short. tickling cough.
  • No expectoration.
  • Rattling mucous in the chest. which is worse at night.

Kall Muriaticum 3X

  • Best remedy for the second stages of a cold.
  • Useful for coughs in children.
  • Cough is croupy. hard, short, acute, spasmodic; whooping cough.
  • Wheezing rales, protruding eyes.
  • Thick, milky-white. grey, albuminous phlegm.
  • Congested head cold.

Magnesia Phosphoria 3X

  • Cough is painful, spasmodic with a tendency to persist; whooping cough; coughing fits, paroxysms; worse upon lying down.
  • Dry cough in nervous children.
  • Lungs are sore from the strain of coughing.
  • Coryza alternates between being dry and loose.
  • Gushing flow from nostrils.
  • Sense of smell is lost or impaired.

Natrum Muriaticum 6X

  • Cough is dry, short with excess watery secretions; pain in liver with cough.
  • Colds are accompanied by watery, transparent, frothy discharges with chilliness and feeling of discomfort.
  • Skin is dry.

Natrum sulphuricum 3X

Colds are a cleansing process, ridding the body of non-functional organic matter. This elimination should not be suppressed, but assisted. Natrum sulphuricum is the eliminator of any excess water and thus an indispensable element.

  • Profuse greenish mucous; mucopurulent green expectoration -thick. ropy, pus-filled, yellowish-green.
  • Chest has an empty feeling with cough.
  • Symptoms of soreness and weakness are better when pressing upon chest.

Complementary products to be considered: R6. R8. R9, R48. R49, R96.

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Dr Schuessler BC-6 Combination Tissue Salts
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