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Up to 88% of People Have Dysregulated Glucose Levels—And Most Don't Know It

When your glucose is dysregulated, you may have frequent high spikes in blood sugar with out-of-control hunger; cravings for sweet foods; energy dips and exhaustion throughout the day; and stubborn weight gain.

Take back control with Gluco-ControlTake back control with Gluco-Control

Gluco-Control's Unique Plant-Based Formula Helps to Target Excess Glucose from Your Meals

Supports Healthy Blood Sugar with Gluco-ControlSupports Healthy Blood Sugar with Gluco-Control

Supports Healthy Blood Sugar

Gluco-Control is a breakthrough new way to support healthy blood sugar levels. Exclusive plant-based enzymes target excess glucose, helping to flatten the glucose curve during and after your meal. Simply take 1 or 2 capsules an hour before a meal, and feel the difference all day.
Reduce Hunger After Meals with Gluco-ControlReduce Hunger After Meals with Gluco-Control

Reduce Hunger After Meals

Hungry soon after eating? That's usually caused by a rapid spike in blood sugar, followed by a crash, which makes you feel hungry again fast. By flattening out the glucose curve, you avoid the crash, and feel fuller for a lot longer. That means you're less likely to snack between meals.
Curb Cravings for Sweets with Gluco-ControlCurb Cravings for Sweets with Gluco-Control

Curb Cravings for Sweets

​It’s not about how much willpower you have, really. Cravings for carb-heavy foods usually happen after your glucose levels crash. Research shows that if your glucose levels are more stable, you simply won’t crave sweet foods as much, so you can stop the vicious craving cycle for good.

Same Meal, Big Difference.

The same meal was eaten by the tester (male, insulin-resistant) on two different days. On the first day, with only the meal, the tester experienced a big blood sugar spike, followed by a crash. On the second day, the tester took Gluco-Control 1.5 hours before eating the exact same meal. Their blood glucose levels remained steady for hours, as measured by a continuous glucose monitor.

In 1822, the average American ate 8 lbs. of sugar in a YEAR. Today, we eat more than that every MONTH.

An Epidemic of Sugar

It has over fifty different names, but our body recognises it as one entity: sugar. Whether we get it from bread, ice-cream, soda, pasta, potatoes or fruit juice - our bodies break down the sugar from these foods into glucose.

While our cells do need glucose, we are getting too much, too fast. High levels of sugar or starch (from carbohydrates) can prompt a massive spike in our glucose levels.

This huge glucose spike triggers the release of large amounts of insulin in the body, which reduces glucose by storing it in our liver, muscles and most-often, in our fat cells.

As a result, what started as an epidemic of sugar, has quickly spread to become an epidemic of being overweight.

Too Much Sugar is Toxic

We’re hardwired to enjoy eating sweet foods and drinks. Our brains respond to the sweetness of a cookie or cake with a hit of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that tells us something feels good.

In so many ways, too much sugar is bad for us. Just one spike in blood sugar can increase oxidative stress and cause inflammation in the body. Over time, repeated glucose spikes can lead to insulin resistance and stubborn weight gain, and raise your long-term risk for diabetes and heart disease.

Sugar is not easy to give up (remember that dopamine?). However it is possible to flatten the glucose curve while still enjoying some sugar, and change your life for good.

7 Signs You Have Unhealthy Blood Sugar Spikes

Hunger Soon After EatingHunger Soon After Eating

1. Hunger Soon After Eating

A rapid rise in glucose creates a rapid fall, unleashing more of the hunger hormone (ghrelin) which tells us we need to eat again, often just two hours after a meal.
Cravings for Sweet FoodsCravings for Sweet Foods

2. Cravings for Sweet Foods

Research shows that when our glucose levels crash rapidly after a sugar spike, cravings for sweet foods intensify, repeating the hunger-cravings cycle.
Brain Fog or Lack of FocusBrain Fog or Lack of Focus

3. Brain Fog or Lack of Focus

​​Blood sugar spikes can affect our thinking power in two ways. First, by impairing cognitive function, and then by making it hard to sleep well, so we wake up groggy.
Dips in Energy LevelsDips in Energy Levels

4. ​Dips in Energy Levels

Ever feel like you could fall asleep after lunch? That’s your blood sugar crashing after a meal. Flattening the glucose curve can help to keep your energy steady all day.
Acne or Skin BreakoutsAcne or Skin Breakouts

5. Acne or Skin Breakouts

​Many skin issues are worsened by a blood sugar spike and the inflammation it triggers. Research shows that a flatter glucose curve means less acne.
Constantly Feeling ExhaustedConstantly Feeling Exhausted

6. Constantly Feeling Exhausted

While our cells need glucose, too much too soon can negatively impact our mitochondria, meaning our cells don’t produce energy as effectively, causing fatigue.
Stubborn Weight GainStubborn Weight Gain

7. Stubborn Weight Gain

A blood sugar spike triggers the release of insulin, which stores excess glucose primarily in our fat cells, trapping us in a fat-storing mode that makes it hard to lose weight.

Take back control with Gluco-Control, an all-natural way to support healthy blood sugar, reduce cravings, and feel fuller for longer.

Simply take 1-2 vegan capsules before a meal to start feeling the difference.

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Manufacturer Touchstone Essentials

What is Gluco-Control? 

Gluco-Control is an all-natural dietary supplement to support healthy blood sugar levels. By supporting healthy blood sugar levels, Gluco-Control helps to reduce cravings, and increase feelings of fullness.

What are the ingredients in Gluco-Control?

Gluco-Control features a proprietary glucose control complex, consisting of plant-based enzymes, organic mushrooms (chaga and reishi) and probiotics, which work together to support healthy blood sugar. A full listing can be found in the supplement facts panel. Gluco-Control is all-natural, vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

How do I take Gluco-Control?

Each bottle of Gluco-Control contains 60 capsules. For optimal use, take 1 to 2 capsules with a glass of water about an hour before a main meal. If you forget to take it before your meal, you can still take Gluco-Control with your meal and experience benefits.

How does Gluco-Control work?

Gluco-Control contains a natural glucose control complex that supports healthy blood sugar. This includes an exclusive plant-based enzyme blend that targets excess glucose from meals. The enzyme blend contains digestive enzymes that support nutrient absorption, and an enzyme that builds glucose into a resistant starch that is not digested by the body, which helps prevent the release of excess glucose. This helps to flatten the glucose curve following a meal, supporting healthy blood sugar.

Can Gluco-Control be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

While Gluco-Control is all-natural, it is not intended for use during pregnancy or while nursing. Although everyone can benefit from flattening the glucose curve after a meal, pregnant and breastfeeding women have unique caloric and metabolic needs, therefore it is not advised to use a supplement that can reduce the glucose levels of meals.

What are the health benefits of Gluco-Control?

The natural glucose control complex in Gluco-Control may provide benefits including supporting healthy blood sugar, feeling fuller for longer, fewer cravings for sweet foods, improved energy, and supporting gut health.

Can children take Gluco-Control?

While Gluco-Control is all-natural, it is not intended for use in children. Children have unique caloric and metabolic needs for growth, so Gluco-Control is for adults only.

Can teenagers take Gluco-Control?

Gluco-Control is intended for adult use only. If your child is a teenager and experiencing blood sugar spikes, check with their health care practitioner about incorporating Gluco-Control into their routine as part of a healthy blood sugar management plan.

Are there any side effects from Gluco-Control?

Gluco-Control is all-natural, vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. Most people don’t experience any side effects, just the benefits of natural blood sugar support, such as feeling full for longer and fewer cravings for sweet foods. Because enzymes and probiotics support gut health, it may take a couple of days for your digestive system to adjust, which is completely normal. As always, if someone is under medical care, they should check with their health care provider before taking any supplements.

Can I take Gluco-Control with my medications?

Gluco-Control is an all-natural dietary supplement that should not interfere with any other supplements or medications you may be taking. However, if you are taking insulin (or other medications for diabetes) you should check with your health care provider before taking Gluco-Control because ingredients in Gluco-Control may enhance insulin sensitivity and affect your glucose levels, requiring less insulin. Your health care provider can monitor your care and determine if you should need to adjust your levels.

Can I take Gluco-Control if I have diabetes or hypoglycemia?

If you have diabetes (high blood sugar) or hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), check with your health care provider before taking Gluco-Control. Some ingredients in Gluco-Control may enhance insulin sensitivity and affect glucose levels (requiring less insulin), so your health care provider can monitor your care and determine if you should need to adjust your levels.

Can pets use Gluco-Control?

Gluco-Control is for use in people only. Animals have unique dietary and metabolic needs so if your pet needs support for their blood sugar levels, please check with your vet about the best course of action for their care.

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