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OMRON PocketTens is a powerful and portable TENS machine that fits in your hand.

  • OMRON PocketTens is pain reliever that helps you to relieve pain in joints and muscles. PocketTens is small, safe, easy to use and it can be used discretely anywhere.
  • Features 3 pre-set pain programs (arm/shoulder, lower back and leg/foot) and 2 massage like modes (knead and steady) each with 10 adjustable levels of power intensity to help relieve pain in different body parts.
  • Suitable for the areas of your body that most commonly experience pain – back, shoulder, joints, legs, arms and feet.
  • Includes durable Long Life pads (1 pair) that are reusable up to 150 times. Includes plastic holder for storage.
  • TENS is a clinically proven technology widely used by physiotherapists and pain specialists. It helps to block the pain message, trigger the release of endorphins and improve blood circulation.

Product benefits

Block pain message

The electrical pulses move through the skin to nearby nerves, blocking out the pain message from reaching your brain.

Release endorphins

The electrical pulses stimulates an increase in the production of your body’s natural pain killer – endorphins.

Improve blood circulation

The electrical pulses cause your muscles to contract and relax. This repeated contracting and relaxing, improves your blood circulation.

Features and cautions

OMRON PocketTens pain reliever is a simple but powerful, drug-free solution for relief of achy, stiff, or sore muscle and joint pain. Available without a prescription, the PocketTens helps to manage your pain in as little as 15 minutes. Under your personalised control, this portable TENS machine provides power and relief for multiple body pains.

NOTE: To avoid damage to the device, use only with the leads, electrodes, and accessories recommended by OMRON.


  • Specifications : Treatment zones 3 programmes (Arm/Shoulder, Lower Back and Leg/Foot)
  • Massage modes : 2 modes (knead and steady)
  • Intensity levels : 10 levels
  • Pad Type : Long Life pads, reusable up to 150 times
  • Drug-Free : Yes
  • Triple Action TENS Technology : Yes
  • Weight (kg) : 0.08
  • Item dimensions (mm) : 75 x 22 x 70

What's in the box

  • Main Unit
  • Cord with Pads
  • Pad Holder
  • Self adhesive Long Life pads (1 pair)
  • Instruction Manual
  • Batteries


3 years after date of delivery in accordance with the Warranty Card or the Instruction Manual inside the product packaging.


How long does the therapy last?

The unit will continue automatically for 15 minutes before it shuts off. We recommend a total of 2 x 15 minutes therapy in one sitting, up to 3 times/day.

When to stop using the pain reliever?

  • In case of experiencing an adverse reaction (skin irritation/redness/burns, headache or painful sensation, or if you feel any discomfort).
  • If pain gets worse or no relief of pain is felt after more than 5 days.

What Low Frequency Electrotherapy and how does it work?

Electrical signals are sent via ‘electrode pads’ to specific points on the body. This causes the muscles to react. As a result, two things happen:

1. Muscle pumping action:

  • By applying low-frequency electrical waves to a body area with stiffness/tiredness, muscles contract and extend (relax)
  • Muscle contracts: blood containing ‘waste’ is flushed out
  • Muscle relaxes: fresh blood rushes in
  • By this repeated ‘muscle pumping’ process, blood flow is improve
  • > Shoulder stiffness, tired legs and cramps are relieved.

2. Shutting out pain signals:

  • By applying low-frequency signals to the painful area, the nerves near this area are stimulated, which affects the pain-transmission mechanism (‘inhibits’ pain messages) towards spinal cord.
  • These have relatively short effect. Frequencies: 2 ~ 100Hz.
  • Electrical waves also stimulate the human body to produce natural substances (endorphins). These have a much longer effect (5 ~ 12 hrs). Frequencies: 100 ~ 1200 Hz.
  • >As a result, the sense of pain is relieved.

The Electrode Pads for my device are no longer ‘sticky’. Do I need new ones?

The Electrode Pads, including the Long Life Pads, do require periodic replacement. However, it is often possible to extend the life of the pads by simply rinsing them under a cold water faucet (no soap is required), shaking off the excess moisture, return the pads to the clear plastic cover sheet or the plastic holder (Long Life Pads only), and then place the pads in the refrigerator overnight (not the freezer). This should restore the adhesion of the pads. If it does not, the pads are worn and should be replaced. Contact your nearest OMRON retailer to obtain these.

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PocketTens - Portable Tens Machine
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