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Kali phosphoricum acts rapidly at the cellular level as a nerve nutrient. It sharpens mental faculties, helps with weakness of memory and lack of concentration. Use it in nervous conditions such as asthma, headaches, and sleeplessness. Kali phosphoricum is also used in anxiety, phobia, depression and lowered vitality, Nervousness without any reasonable cause: patient sheds tears and makes "mountains out of molehills". It is a strong tonic for the nervous system.

ROLE: Electrochemical, Catalytic.

MEMORY KEY: Nerve power activator.


Conditions arising trom lowered nervous energy. Physical and mental exhaustion. Malaise/lethargy. Depression. Lack of drive and motivation. Easily fatigued muscles. Flaccid paralysis., Phoblas, Insomnia, cardiac arrhythrnias, irritability and insomnia.


1 - Growth and pregnancy.

2 - Neurological disorders, Weakness, lethargy, apathy, irritability, stress.

3 - Abnormalities in cardiac muscle function.

4 - Muscular weakness, injury , exhaustion.

5 - Exaggerated reflexes, restlessness, twitches and spasms.

6 - Exudate: not common, however may be fetid and excoriating, thick, yellow, crusty.

MODALITIES: < worry, stress. Mental and physical exertion. Being alone: cold ait/drafts: glare, flashing lights. > company/excitement, eating, changing body position frequently, Covering up, heat, warmth; being home. Rest; slow, gentle movement.

TONGUE: Often dry; white or brown-grey edges, red; halitosis.

IRIS: Deep nerve arcs and rings.

PUPIL: Dilated, hypotonic.

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Kali Phosphoricum - Dr Schuessler Tissue Salts
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