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CERTIFIED Organic Super Fiber
GLUTEN FREE Organic Super Fiber
PLANT NUTRITION Organic Super Fiber
GMO FREE Organic Super Fiber

30 servings

  • ORGANIC SUPER FIBER: Feel great every day with a delicious fusion of soluble and insoluble fiber to support gut health, digestive detox, and weight management.
  • GET A GOOD GUT FEELING: Organic fiber, prebiotics, a probiotic, and plant-based enzymes support the gut microbiome so you feel your best.
  • DIGESTIVE DETOX: Feel lighter and more energized. Insoluble fiber helps to keep digestion moving and detoxify the digestive tract, while organic herbs support the gut.
  • FEEL FULL BEFORE MEALS: 7g of fiber makes you feel full fast, while 4g of plant-based protein helps to curb cravings, supporting healthy weight management.
  • HEART & GLUCOSE SUPPORT: Research shows consuming more fiber helps to stabilize glucose levels, while soluble fiber supports healthy cholesterol.
  • TASTES GREAT (NO GRIT): Not your grandparent’s fiber. With a light vanilla flavor and grit-free mix, Organic Super Fiber is full of tasty superfood goodness.
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Feel Great Every Day

When your gut is happy, you’re happy. And we’re not just talking about easing digestive discomfort, bloating, or embarrassing gas. The gut is considered the foundation for good health, home to an estimated 70% of the immune system, and where most of your mood-boosting neurotransmitters are made (hello, serotonin).

Organic Super Fiber helps you feel great every day. It has a variety of organic superfoods that deliver a delicious fusion of soluble and insoluble fiber to help make you feel full, keep things moving, and support digestive detoxification. And it’s not your grandparent’s fiber. With a light vanilla flavor and grit-free mix, Organic Super Fiber is full of tasty goodness.

Gut Microbiome

Get a good gut feeling with Organic Super Fiber. Inside are fiber-rich organic superfoods, plus a prebiotic (inulin) to nourish the good bacteria in your gut. You’ll also get a probiotic, aka good bacteria, so your gut will feel its best. Unlike many types of probiotics, the Bacillus Coagulans strain is resistant to heat and harsh acidic conditions, which means it makes it all the way to your gut to support the microbiome. Added plant-based enzymes also help to ensure easy digestion of your meals.

Digestive Detox

Insoluble fiber helps to keep the digestive tract moving so you’ll be (ahem) more regular. This faster process also works to help detox by scrubbing toxins from the gastrointestinal (G.I.) tract. Soluble fiber also takes something out by binding to cholesterol in the gut, helping to prevent it from being absorbed. And organic herbs including marshmallow root help to support digestive health. With a digestive detox you’ll feel lighter and more energized throughout your day.

Weight Management

Science (and common sense) tells us that when you feel full, you’re less likely to overeat. That is fiber’s superpower. Taken 30 minutes before a meal, Organic Super Fiber delivers 7g of filling fiber, making it easier to reduce portion sizes without hunger pangs. Plus, Organic Super Fiber also packs 4g of satisfying protein per serving, helping to curb cravings. And research shows that fiber can help to stabilize glucose levels in the body, supporting metabolic health. It’s your secret weapon to cut back on portions while feeling really good.

Organic Super Fiber is gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and will help free you of digestive discomfort. There are no binders, preservatives, or anything artificial. Simply add two scoops to 8 ounces of water and shake, or blend into your favorite smoothie to feel great every day.

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