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Cyactiv Flex Specially is formulated to support joint comfort and improve quality of life, a natural and innovative solution composed of standardized extracts specifically formulated to support and nourish healthy joints.

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Why is Cyactiv Flex beneficial?

Healthy joints are essential for comfortable and effortless movement and nutritional support is crucial to protect and support joint health and maintain proper mobility, flexibility and function. Cyactiv Joint provides essential nourishment to increase joint comfort and healthy physical activity for improved quality of life.

Joints are essential for smooth, comfortable and effortless movements. They constitute the centrepiece of the mobility of the body. Nutritional support to help joint function may be necessary. Cyactiv Flex is a natural and innovative solution composed of high-quality extracts clinically tested and standardised in active molecules. Cyactiv Flex is specially formulated to support joint comfort and healthy physical activity.

Ingredients from Nature, backed by science

Cyactiv Flex is a natural and innovative blend composed of standardized extracts, antioxidants and proven ingredients to support joint comfort.

Eggshell Membrane

Supports cartilage strength and elasticity and provides structural support to bone, connective tissue and interstitial fluid. Eggshell membrane was clinically tested and shown to improve range of motion and joint function and increase levels of physical activity and overall joint comfort.

Boswellia Serrata Extract

Improves comfort by reducing swelling and increasing blood supply to joint tissue. This extract also contains polysaccharides that increase absorption of active compounds. Boswellia serrata extract was clinically tested and shown to reduce discomfort and swelling and increase levels of physical activity.

Tart Cherry Extract

Rich in phenolic compounds, notably anthocyanins, flavonoids and natural melatonin, this powerful antioxidant speeds the recovery process by preventing the symptoms of exercise-induced muscle fatigue and damage. Tart Cherry extract was clinically tested to support physical performance in athletes by maintaining muscle strength, decreasing muscle soreness, recovery time and fatigue.

Cyactiv - Spirulina Extract

Reduces existing and future production of free radicals by modulating the inflammatory enzyme COX-2. Contains bioactive compounds for cellular protection and anti-aging support. Cyactiv was clinically tested and showed a significant increase in joint comfort at rest and during physical activity and was associated with an increase in daily activity levels.

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Cerule Cyactiv Flex
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