Lamberts MultiGuard® OsteoAdvance 50+

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This is one of the most comprehensive, high potency multi nutrient formulas available in the UK, combining high potency micronutrients with the two important 'macro' nutrients, calcium and magnesium. Most multis neglect these two essential bone health minerals, since these are required in relatively large amounts that are impossible to fit into a one-a-day-formula.

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Three tablets a day provide a full 500mg of calcium and 250mg of magnesium, and in addition the formula also provides excellent levels of all the important minerals, such as selenium, zinc and chromium, as well as high levels of the heart protecting B vitamins, the antioxidant vitamins C and E and the bone building vitamins D and K.

The formula also includes relevant levels of concentrated plant extracts such as turmeric, lutein, grape seed and green tea, all of which are highly regarded by Nutritionists as possessing important antioxidant functions in the body.

If you had to choose a single supplement for someone who had been eating an inadequate diet over a long period of time and who had built up multiple deficiencies, then this would be a perfect product.

Probably the most comprehensive, high potency multi nutrient formula available in the UK

  • Three tablets a day provides a therapeutic dose of 250mg of magnesium in an easily absorbed form
  • Plus 500mg of the vital mineral calcium per daily intake
  • Eliminating the need for separate magnesium and calcium products, reducing tablet intake as well as cost, making MultiGuard® OsteoAdvance the ideal choice for patient compliance
  • Can resolve 24 different dietary deficiencies, leaving you to add extra's like the omega 3s, as required

Usage & Administration

1 tablet daily.

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Lamberts MultiGuard® OsteoAdvance 50+
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